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  • About Jo(e)y

    Joey Rubin: a writer who writes creatively about creativity & writing.


    I've spent twenty years thinking about how to do what I love without friction, self-loathing, or malaise: feel creative, get out of my own way, and write.


    Now I'm putting what I've learned into words and sharing it weekly.


    I have three Masters degrees (in reading, writing, and teaching), but failure and disappointment have been my greatest teachers.


    I've published extensively (about science, books, more books, and even music) and write often in a professional mode. Currently, I am day-jobing as a Director of Program Design for Teach for America, where I build interactive events meant to recruit the next generation of creative, liberatory educators.


    I believe creativity, like learning, should be grounded in joy, even (especially) when it's hard.


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